Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Melting Pot Cooking Class

I've been looking for fun things to do on the weekend and when this opportunity came my way I knew I couldn't pass it up!

This past weekend my mum, sister, Grama, and I got together and headed down to the Melting Pot in Brea. They were offering a cooking class that involved cheese fondue and the chance to dip strawberries into chocolate so...of course I was there!

We came in and were directed to the bar where we received our free glass of wine, and watched an informational video on cheese. To me it was more like a propaganda video on how awesome Wisconsin is, and how their cheese is the best! I sat back, watched the video, and drank my Pinot Grigio all the while wondering when we were going to start eating!

Soon we were seated and were awaiting our next instructions which thankfully involved melted cheese. I was so hungry, and I could not wait any longer for food! So, sadly, there is no picture of the deliciousness that is the cheese fondue with pieces of bread, veggies, and apple slices to use a vehicle for the goodness.

I do have pictures of the chocolate fondue process though!

Our plate of yummy-ness to dip into the chocolate (except the cheesecake! I was told you'll get a stern talking to if you dip the cheesecake into the pot). The strawberries were so fresh, and if you run out of dippers you get refills! 

Like with the cheese fondue (sorry again for no pictures!), we got little dishes filled with the ingredients and were instructed when to add them into the pot. The chocolate fondue that we got to make was the Flaming Turtle. It has milk chocolate, caramel, and walnuts (which my Grama and I left out of our pot since I prefer a smooth texture for my chocolate). This chocolate fondue is our favorite at the Melting Pot! 

As we were putting in our ingredients, we all felt that we were duped out of our amount of chocolate. So we went into one of the little souvenir chocolate boxes, that were conveniently being passed around during this time, and added more chocolate into our two pots. That became unnecessary as the Melting Pot staff also thought that our chocolate supply was too small. So they then passed around a second dish! We had so much chocolate!

The final touch to the Flaming Turtle is a sprinkle of Rum on the top of the chocolate fondue so that it can be flambĂ©ed right in front of us!


After the Flaming Turtle stopped "flaming", we started dipping anything and everything!

It was such a fun afternoon and I highly recommend it to everyone. My mum saw it in an email from the Melting Pot so if you're interested then I would suggest signing up for their emails! 

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