Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Wonderland in LA

After my studio visit and lunch with my colleagues, I decided to head over to the Grove. I had heard that they create a Winter Wonderland of sorts. 

I became really spoiled after going to University in Baltimore, Maryland and then living in London for over a year. During this time of year, I'm use to it being cold, raining, and snowing! I've been so "weather"-sick missing it all. I've also been missing the Christmas decorations in London, and especially Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!

(This is me ice skating with friends in my Christmas-inspired red coat!)

 If you're ever in London during this time of year, you absolutely have to go and enjoy the ice skating, food, rides, and music. 
Back to the present! I got to the Grove and was amazed by the lights and decorations.

The tree at The Grove is over 100 feet tall, and it there is even Santa Claus flying over with his reindeer.
The Christmas tree is completely decked out with all kinds of different ornaments and lights.

The grotto area is so pretty at night, and especially with the Christmas lights. They even had a singer doing classic Christmas songs.

It's a truly beautiful sight to see! I headed away from the Christmas tree and towards Santa's cottage. 

The line was enormous to see Santa so I was very glad that I did not have children, and could skip the line. I am feeling very confident that Santa already knows what I want for Christmas.
I was very excited at this sight though!

For an ex-Londoner this was a fantastic sight to see. Of course, I had to duck in for a few minutes.
I headed back to towards the tree, and the most wonderful thing started SNOWING!

It was a wonderful night, and it's definitely a must see for anyone in the LA area during Christmas time.
Happy Holidays everyone! 

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