Friday, January 24, 2014

Waffle Sandwiches at Bruxie

Every time I see my Aunt S, she goes on about this placed called Bruxie. Apparently they have these amazing waffles, and you must try the Seasonal Crème Brulee.

So finally we were all able to go to the one in Downtown Brea and tried it out.
It was the best waffle I have ever had!
They have a vast menu including chicken and waffles and even green eggs and ham!

We've been enjoying some warm weather this winter so the restaurant had all the windows up and doors opened.
They have a really cute outdoor patio, but sadly we could only get seats inside.

Seating is rather limited and it does get crowded so don't be surprised if you don't get your dream seating arrangement. My sister had to stand next to our table because there were no other seats.
I think she would say that it was totally worth it!
We all ordered the Seasonal Crème Brulee which had strawberries. It's "seasonal" because the fruit inside of this wonderful waffle sandwich is filled with seasonal fruit.

Inside are sliced strawberries, vanilla crème, and brunt raw sugar.
Basically it's my favorite dessert sandwiched between a waffle with powder sugar ontop!
They have old fashioned "Pure Cane Sugar" sodas with flavors cola, diet cola, lemon lime, orange, vanilla crème, root beer, spiced cola, and a seasonal flavor.
My aunt got grape soda (seasonal flavor) which she gladly shared with everyone, but sadly I've given up my beloved soda for New Year's. I stuck with the complimentary water which was just as delicious...not...

I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves dessert! It's not very filling (at least not what I got), but it's great for a snack or special treat.
They have locations all around Southern California, but none yet in Los Angeles.
Hopefully they'll be expanding soon!

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