Monday, January 6, 2014

Lunch at the Farmers Market

So after doing some exploring at the Griffith Observatory we were off to lunch!
 My family wanted to check out the Farmers Market in Los Angeles so we headed out that way. Since it was a Sunday afternoon it was quite busy, but we were able to park in the Grove parking structure.
I've been to the Grove numerous times, but never realized that it was connected to the Farmers Market. I guess I just never ventured farther than Top Shop...

I had never been to the Farmers Market before, and I am so happy to know that there is another food option for me at the Grove.
It was a great experience!
I had been craving sushi the whole day especially after seeing some at the café in the Griffith Observatory. So my sister and I immediately separated from the group and headed to the sushi stand.

It is a cute little stand with only three people working within. Two of them were the sushi chefs and another was working the cash register.

After quickly browsing through the little menu, I decided on the safe option of a California Roll. I'm not an adventurous sushi eater (I do try very hard to at least taste something once), but for me you cannot go wrong with a good California Roll especially considering how hungry I was!

My sister ordered a seaweed salad and a Crunchy Dragon Roll. Everything was delicious and for sushi it was not that bad of a price. The wait seemed to take forever since I was so hungry, but actually the wait was not bad at all.  

I did not want to eat too much since we were continuing on to the Universal CityWalk later and would eat dinner there. I so wish I had though because there were so many great options! My aunt and cousin split a Philly Cheesesteak and fries, and my mum had a slice of pizza.
After we all ate, we started to explore as we were now able to concentrate a little better with fuller stomachs.
There were so many candy stands, a sports bar with a T.V., and crepe stand. My mum, sister, and I have already decided that we needed to come back to try everything as we did not have enough time to do so that day.

There were a lot of places to sit down and eat your food, but I would imagine that when it is really crowded there is no seating at all! Thankfully it had died down by the time we walked into the Farmers Market so we were able to find a table for the five of us.

It was just so much fun exploring the Farmers Market and I cannot wait to come back!
Of course on our way back to the parking structure, my sister and I popped into Top Shop for a quick look, and I fell in love with their tiara headbands.

If anyone want to buy me one I would really appreciate it!
Part III tomorrow!

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