Friday, March 21, 2014

Paleyfest Fun at the Dolby Theatre

Every year Paleyfest comes to Los Angeles and this year I was determined to attend! 
Paleyfest is a two week event held by the Paley Center for Media. It's a bit like Comic-Con where popular (both past and present) television shows have panels consisting of creators, producers, and the cast answer questions. 

The lineup for this year's Paleyfest was amazing with "Mad Men" (love it!), "Orange is the New Black" (one of my new favorites!), "Lost" 10th Anniversary (past obsession), and several others. I wanted to attend so many of them, but alas could only chose one this year.

My sister and I decided to attend the HIMYM panel, and to our pleasant surprise (and delight!) there was a bar that served not only cocktails, but also Red Vines! 

"Thank you Linus" indeed!

We took our seats up on the balcony and admired the view. The Academy Awards have been hosted at the Dolby Theatre since 2002 and it's absolutely gorgeous inside.

They started with showing highlights from the show, and then we got to watch a new episode that wasn't airing for another three days. 
It was awesome being in the same theatre with other HIMYM fans while watching the new episode, and it got me really excited for the panel. 

Wayne Brady was the "Master of Ceremonies", which was the best choice for this panel. 

He introduced Cristin Milioti aka The Mother...

...Josh Radnor aka Ted Mosby...

...Colbie Smulders aka Robin Scherbatsky...

...and Alyson Hannigan aka Lily Aldrin. 

The creators (Carter Bays and Craig Thomas) and the Director (Pamela Fryman) joined the cast for the panel.

My sister and I were disappointed that Neil Patrick Harris or Jason Segel weren't there, but then we got a surprise...
NPH on Skype from New York! 

He was hilarious and made our night!
If you're in the Los Angeles area around February/March then I would highly recommend looking into Paleyfest. It's reasonable priced and an amazing experience.

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