Friday, March 14, 2014

Winter and Old Richmond Inn

It was pretty cold in Indiana compared to the warmer temperatures that we usually experience in SoCal, so scarves, hats, and big jackets became a must in my wardrobe. 

I had to go back to my Baltimore and London roots, but I'm probably the only person in the world who prefers winter accessories to sun dresses and shorts. 
Winter does make for some amazing scenes though!

My Aunt K mentioned the Old Richmond Inn for dinner this past Sunday, and after looking at the menu online we quickly agreed to meet up. 
I've visited Richmond, Indiana several times, but had never heard of this place. After eating here I couldn't believe I went over two decades without this place!

We were seated quickly, given menus, and some of the best bread sticks ever. 

As a starter we went with the onion straws, which to me, is always a great way to start a meal.

I got the French Onion soup, which was super cheesy and delicious!

My main was Linguine Prima Vera with Shrimp which was also very good!

My mum got the Chicken Picatta...

...and my cousin and my dad both got the grilled chicken. 

My other family members got the Norwegian Salmon Filet and Chicken Valentino. 
Everything was so good and I would recommend any of those dishes to anyone. 
I made sure to leave room for dessert because I saw my favorite on the menu...Creme Brulee!

The pictures do not do justice to the greatness that was this dessert!

Maybe this picture? Believe was delicious!
The other dessert we got was the Texas Sheet Cake, a la Mode, but I was too obsessed with the Creme Brulee to even notice it's arrival at the table. I was assured that it too was very tasty.

Then after a little sight seeing, a great trip based on family and food ended, but I hope to go back soon.  

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