Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun and Food at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

So every year Southern California is transported back to wonderful time in history where delicious food and drink was plentiful, and everyone was up for a good laugh...Elizabethan London!!

Okay maybe not all of that is true (I don't imagine Elizabethan food was all that good), but The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is close enough for me! 

Let me tell you, original Elizabethan food may not have been all that delicious, but the food here is soooo good!

There is everything from meat pies, gyros, "steak on a stake", massive turkey legs, and other wonderful things.

We began our visit with some beignets (totally authentic let me tell you), which was the perfect start to a delicious day!

A good tip for the Renaissance Faire is to go as early as you can on a Sunday morning. The Faire opens at 10am this year, and by 1pm it's getting really crowded and hot.

We immediately headed towards the food court as we were all starving! The food court is an open area with several food stalls that wrap around most of the area. 

There are communal tables and benches throughout the area, and most of the fun is meeting the people sitting near you.


There's also entertainment!

 The best Renaissance Faire visits are when the Puritans are out scolding people for having "too much fun", which is ironic since it just creates more fun!

My favorite here at this area is the fried shrimp, which I just discovered last year. 

Look at that golden deliciousness!

We also had a lobster roll that was very good!

The steak sandwiches are also very good.

I especially love the decor in the stalls!

My sister got a bratwurst with sauerkraut, which isn't my favorite, but I was assured that it was good.

Of course the meal had to end with a shared corn on the cob!

Someone could probably have a massive turkey leg in one hand and a corn on the cob in the other, and be considered completely normal at the Renaissance Faire.

That's one of the great thing about this place...there is always someone more out there than you!

If you're really lucky then you get a royal sighting! Make way for the Queen!

"Bow down".

Just walking around and looking at the sights, people, and shops is the best.

After lunch we started wondering around enjoying the emptiness that a Sunday morning brought to the Faire. 

We stumbled across two ladies playing a giant game of Jenga, and were pulled into playing with them.

                           We helped them with a few blocks before we decided it was time for refreshments!

                           One of the pubs had a selection of ciders, and we decided to indulge with some 
                                                                 raspberry and apricot ciders. 


It's become tradition that we get a henna tattoo during our Renaissance Faire visit. Last year I got a Tudor Rose, but this year I wanted something different.

Hence the penguin!

I love penguins as they're just so cute, and it was International Penguin Day last Friday so I had to celebrate! 

My sister went with the cutest Elephant and my mum went with a clover. 

This year we decided to see the Washing Wenches show, which we've always heard about it, but never actually sat down and watched. 

If you're going to the Faire you have to catch this show! It's naughty, but it is really funny.

After walking around it was time for something cool so I went with a mango sorbet. It's one of my favorite ways of to cool off and to end my day at the Faire.

Everyone should check out the Faire while it's open! It closes on the 18th of May and is open on the weekends. 

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