Monday, May 12, 2014

My New "Posh" Wallet

Have you ever been somewhere, work or a restaurant, and you desperately needed a cuppa? Yet they didn't have the tea you love or *gasp* any tea at all?

My Aunt showed me something amazing during Easter brunch with the family a couple of weeks ago...a Tea Bag Wallet!

How brilliant is this?!

It's a cute little wallet that will hold your tea bags, sugar, and/or Starbucks instant coffee bags (just to name a few things). 

It's so small and thin that it fits easily inside any purse or bag.

My Aunt showed me one she had been working on and I instantly fell in love! A few days later this beauty was in my mail box. 

My aunt's shop, The Posh Purple Pumpkin, has so many items so you'll have plenty of options. I just really love London so decided my wallet needed to match that and my obsession with tea.

I used it the other day at work, and it's just perfect!

Look into getting yourself one, and they're perfect for cute little gifts for bridal or baby showers.


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