Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rocking it out at RA Sushi

Last week I met my sister for dinner and there is one place that we love to meet up-RA Sushi!

They have amazing sushi and drinks, but what makes us love RA is their Happy Hour.

A lot of their most popular items are about half off, which makes this for a perfect after 
work dinner spot!

I started off with a Baby Umami Punch which is my favorite drink at RA.

Of course every sushi meal should begin with some edamame (also on the Happy Hour menu!).

My favorite roll is the Tootsy Maki roll, and there is no sharing this roll! Both my sister and I have to get our own because they're so yummy.

I know it's not exciting, but I love the California Rolls at RA and I have to get them every time.

My sister loves their Viva Las Vegas roll and gets it every visit.

Here are some past Instagram pictures that I've post from RA

(Delicious Crunchy Shrimp Tempura!)

(I couldn't contain myself before taking this picture...see the half eaten Tootsy Maki?)

If you're looking for good sushi and a great Happy Hour then RA is an awesome choice!

It's a great atmosphere with great food and drink, and I would highly recommend you look them up right now and go tomorrow with friends.

x Kate 

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