Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Weekend in San Francisco Part II

So after an eight hour journey up to San Francisco, we finally made it to our hotel. We soon discovered that the weather was different then what we had been experiencing at home.

Definitely the coldest winter in July I have ever experienced..but yet it was so beautiful!

I've only been to San Francisco a couple of times, but every time I go I'm very drawn to it. I just love how it is geographically small, but yet you feel as if you're in a massive city. It's in California, but it doesn't get the year around summer that we usually experience in SoCal. 

People are probably jealous when they hear that I've lived in SoCal most of my life, and while I would never have it any other way, I'm jealous of them for being able to experience more than one season. 

We went on a little walk through the city and took a bus tour so that we didn't miss anything.

We wanted to look at as much as we could during our small trip.

We were constantly on the move, but I was still able to see the beauty in this city. The fog caused the unusual (to us) cold, but it made for beautiful pictures!

We made sure to go by one spot in particular...the "Full House" houses!

I remember watching the show as a small child, and my sister watched it from the moment it start to air. We were all really excited to see these houses.

Of course, every visit to San Francisco warrants crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Probably the best part of the trip was the food, and the best meal we had was at Mama's. We went early in the morning, and while we did wait a little bit to get in, it was worthy of the long line.

It was the best breakfast food I've ever experienced.

Of course every San Francisco trip should end with a sourdough teddy bear!

x Kate


  1. San Francisco is on my 'wanderlust list' and this has made me even more desperate to visit!

  2. Thanks Geena! Your blog looks fantastic x Kate