Monday, July 21, 2014

Girl's Night at Lazy Dog

A few nights ago my friend C and I met up for a fun filled Girl's Night, and we had to start the night off right with a delicious dinner.

We decided to go to Lazy Dog, which has a great selection of drinks, food, and desserts!

I was coming right from work, and sadly I (barely) missed the 6pm Happy Hour cut off. 

I choose a Coconut Mojito which is one of their "Clean Cocktails" and it was delicious.  

C had the Carne Asada for dinner, which smelled delicious! 

 I would seriously think about getting it next time if it wasn't for one little thing...

I'm obsessed with their Fish and Chips!

It's so flaky and delicious...ugh now I'm hungry!

Their tartar sauce complements the fish so well it just makes it.

I decided to be a little more healthy and get the Chilled Broccolini  instead of the chips since I fully planned on getting dessert.

We picked the White Chocolate Chip Brownie to share.

It was so good and completely made my week.

Look at that delicious-ness...yum!

We packed up and headed home where we drank Pina Coladas and watched "Sherlock" (obsessed!)

It was a great Friday night and I can't wait to do it again.

x Kate

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