Friday, August 29, 2014

"Clueless" in the Valley

Summer in LA is a magical time with so many fun things to do on the weekend.

One of my new favorites is going to Street Food Cinema, which is an organization that hosts movies in a park throughout the Los Angeles area. 

We decided to see "Clueless" in Glendale last weekend as it is a personal favorite.

Everyone brings blankets and snuggles in for a good show. Before you settle in for the movie you have to grab some goodies first!

For every showing there are a group of food trucks ready to serve up some delicious food.

I'm not very adventurous with food trucks as I hate waiting in line for so long. When I saw The Fry Girl truck and their menu I knew it was going to be worth any wait!

Sarah got Mini Corn Dogs with Sweet Potato Fries

I got the Mini Corn Dogs as well, but with Mozzarella Sticks. Let me tell you...those corn dogs were delicious!

We picked a spot, made camp, and waited for the show to begin!

On the way to the show, I had been telling Sarah about Iggy Azalea's music video for "Fancy", and sure enough they played it right before the movie started!

This is my second time going to a Street Food Cinema viewing and I have completely fallen in love!

Cheers to a good night, great movie, and excellent Summer fun!

x Kate

Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday: An Amazing Summer in London

Two years ago this summer I was having the best time of my life!

It was the Summer of 2012 and I was living in London going through the last few months of Grad school. Not only was London hosting the Olympics that summer, but it was also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

I got two days off work for it and I wanted to catch as many events as I could.

I woke up really early one morning and made my way to the river Thames to watch the flotilla. It was probably one of the coldest days I had ever experienced, but I soon forgot all about it.

My friends and I situated ourselves close to the river and near a big screen that showed all of the royal action.

I couldn't believe all that I was able to see from my spot near the river. 

I saw the Queen and Prince Phillip as well as Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Harry.

It was simply amazing.

I even got my first Boris Johnson sighting!! 

He's standing on the far left next to Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. 

Two days later we were at it again, but this time at Buckingham Palace for the balcony appearance. 

We got to The Mall early and waited patiently for the took a few hours, but we were entertained the whole time.

Marching bands went up and down The Mall playing for hours. 

I fell in love with the British even more during that weekend...they were so organized with these events that they even had food stands everywhere!

I could have gotten some fish & chips if I wanted some. 

Finally our hours of waiting paid off...the Royal Family where coming down The Mall! As the Royal Family was came down everyone's cameras came up perfectly blocking my view...

This is the only photo where you can see part of a Royal...that's Camilla in the carriage on the right with the hat.

As soon as they were there in front of me they were then gone from my sight! 

Once the whole Royal Family passed by, we quickly made our way to the queue to get a better view of the balcony.

We finally got a spot...some what blocked by a stage from the concert the night before, but we had a perfect spot for the flyby.

There's Camilla, Charles, the Queen, William, and Kate on the balcony. 

It started raining on us right before the balcony appearance and then continued to rain as we waited to leave Buckingham Palace.

I was able to spot some familiar faces to us Americans while we waited to leave...

Meredith Vieira anyone? Or maybe the back of Matt Lauer?

It was an enchanting weekend that was the beginning of one of the most epic colds I have ever had in my life. It has since been dubbed the "Jubilee Cold" by friends and family, but come was so worth it!

Next week I'll be posting about my London Olympic activities. Until then...

x Kate