Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Partying with Katy Perry

Last week my sister and I continued our concert-going streak and saw Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour.

I saw Katy Perry in London a few years ago and loved that concert! I couldn't wait to see her again.

Sarah and I started with dinner at the Tilted Kilt, which was okay, but we should have just walked across the street to Lazy Dog. 

We got to the stadium, found our seats...and also found the second disappointment of the night.

Our seats were terrible!

I had never sat so high up at a concert before, but I'm a silver linings kind of person. I sat back, enjoyed a delicious cocktail, and watched the pre-show which was entertaining.

Tegan and Sara were one of the opening acts, and they were energetic and really fun to watch.

The night was getting better!

Finally the show started, and while it was entertaining and fun, it was not the best (nor the worst) concert I had ever seen. 

 The show was colorful and fun, but it just didn't wow me. Maybe I had such an amazing time at her last concert that I had high expectations, but nothing was really all that impressive. 

I'm still glad I went, and I did enjoy singing at the top of my lungs to some of my favorite songs. 

x Kate

Monday, September 1, 2014

Yard House and Ed Sheeran

Have you ever had an event that you looked forward to so badly that it was the only thing getting you through your work week? Seeing Ed Sheeran last Wednesday was it for me!

With any concert at the Staples Center, we always start with Happy Hour at Yard House.

Sarah and I were starving by the time we made it to Yard House so we quickly ordered some much needed food and drinks.

We started with the Onion Ring Tower, which we quickly devoured!

As last Wednesday was National Burger Day, Sarah and I decided to each go with some sliders and fries.

They were so yummy!

Before we left for the concert we decided that dessert was needed to completely make the night.

We picked the dessert sampler switching out the Lemon Souffle for the Creme Brulee. 

After stuffing ourselves full we made our way to Staples Center. 

When we got to our (amazing!) seats the opening act, Rudimental, was already playing. They're a very fun band and a great opener.

Thankfully Ed didn't make us wait long and the concert that I have been looking forward to for ages began!

So pretty!!

We were treated to a special surprise-Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol came on stage and sang "Chasing Cars".

It was an amazing night and concert! I had seen Ed Sheeran perform two other times (last February at the Hollywood Palladium and on the Red Tour with Taylor Swift) and he is awe-inspiring. It's just him playing with a guitar and a loop pedal.

I would happily see in concert again tomorrow...and the next day...and the day after that!

If you ever have a chance to see him perform don't miss out!

x Kate