Friday, October 31, 2014

Flashback Friday: Italy in October 2011

Three years ago this week I spent an amazing week in Italy. 

My classmates and I started our week in Venice for the Venice Biennale.

The atmosphere of the Biennale was completely different than anything I had seen before.

I was blown away by the creativity that was shown and my favorite piece was "The Clock" by Christian Marclay. It was a truly amazing piece and I cannot wait to see it again (come on LACMA!)

The last time I was in Venice I only spent a day there, and I didn't get to fully experience the beauty of Venice.

Let me tell you...Venice is breathtaking.

The most interesting part of our trip to Venice was when it started to rain. I had seen the tables stacked up off to the side the last time I visited Venice, but did not believe that they would ever be actually used to walk around.

Boy was I wrong!

I could not believe what I was seeing! 

Our last day there we could only walk on tables set up around the main island-crazy!

After Venice, the big group split up and three of us continued on to Rome.

This was my first time in Rome and I was completely awestruck.

I've been obsessed with ancient history for years so to see the sights that I had studied was fantastic.

There were several sites that I had to see and on top of that list was The Pantheon. 

I had heard and read that it was a breathtaking sight...and they were not lying!

The coffered ceiling....the oculus...everything was just gorgeous.

After walking around all day it was so nice to prop op my feet and people watch...

at the Trevi Fountain!

Everything was so beautiful and I did not want to leave. 

Visiting the Vatican was also a moment that I did not want to miss. 

Seeing masterpieces by Michelangelo and Raphael? Definitely one of the best days ever.

(No pictures in the Sistine Chapel...ssh don't tell!)

The final leg of the trip took us further Naples!

The main purpose of us going to Naples was to visit the ancient city of Pompeii.

If you want to talk about being awestruck and seeing something that is life changing-it's Pompeii.

Everything was just beautiful.

It may have been three years ago, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Italy is my favorite mainland European country. The people are so nice, the food is delicious, and the sites are truly amazing.

I cannot wait to go again.

x Kate

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