Monday, October 27, 2014

Hollywood Costume Exhibition

For months now I've been hearing about the Hollywood Costume Exhibition coming to town. It 's a joint effort between the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences here in LA. 

The exhibit recently opened in LA and I wanted to go at my first chance!

(Also, I am loving my new "Don't Quit Your Daydream" tee from Nordstrom!)

The Academy museum is located next door to LACMA so we made our way down memory lane to a time of glitz and glamour.

We were ushered in like in an old Hollywood movie theater, and I was completely amazed by what we saw after walking through these doors.

The exhibition did not allow pictures, but you can see photos from the Academy's official Instagram page.

Let me just assure you that it was breath taking! They had costumes ranging from Iron Man to Charlie Chaplan.

Each costume comes with its own story and history, which is all explained in interviews from the costume designers, directors, and actors. 

The exhibit was very interactive with videos and audio. At one point in the exhibition, it was as if the visitor was sitting down with the directors and the costumer designers at a dinner table. 

And the Meryl Streep section? The queen of acting herself is on several screens explaining the costumes that she has worn and how it influenced her acting.

It was great to be able to see these costumes in the flesh and to see the details that are given to these pieces of clothing that will only be shown for a few minutes. 

I could have spent ages walking around that exhibit, but there was something else that I wanted to do.

It seems to be a rite of passage to take pictures with Urban Light and shockingly I have never done this in all of the years that I have been going to LACMA. 

On our way out we made sure to pose for a few shots.

The exhibition is opened until March and if you are in the LA area then I highly recommend-nay I command-that you go see this show. It's so special and unique....

...and where else can you see all of these Oscars?

x Kate

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