Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tacos and Lorde

Last week brought a beautiful morning on a day that I knew was going to be great.

Sarah and I completed our concert spree with a night at The Greek with Lorde. 

For months now I've been talking about these life changing tacos in Hollywood, and it became the perfect fit for dinner as the restaurant was down the street from the venue.

The restaurant is Puran's and it masks itself as an Italian restaurant, but trust me...get the tacos!

Look at this view from our table...Griffith Observatory...LA traffic...perfection!

But wait...there's more...

...Look at these beauties!

Steak tacos with guacamole and skinny fries (the best kind)...just sublime!

After dinner we made our way to The Greek. If you've never been before it's like a miniature Hollywood Bowl. It's in Griffith Park and parking could be difficult. So big tip-use the shuttle! It made leaving so easy.

I don't want to just brag about the delicious tacos and the amazingly easy shuttle...

...look at this outrageously priced Margarita!

 It was yummy though.

(Also that girl's hair is pretty awesome!)

Lorde was fun, energetic, and entertaining!

Los Angeles was one of the last stops on her tour, but if you have a chance to see Lorde you should take's definitely a different experience, but a fun one!

All in all an excellent day.

x Kate

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