Friday, February 6, 2015

The Park Cafe - Salt Lake City, UT

I knew it was going to be busy for my only full day in Salt Lake so I wanted to get a big hearty breakfast.

My cousin suggested The Park Cafe.

It's a cute little place with only a few parking spots in the front and a small sitting area inside. Thankfully we were getting an early start to the day so we missed the crowds.

I decided on the Shooter's Sandwich with eggs, cheddar cheese, and ham with a side of hash browns.

It was so good! It was like the breakfast version of a grilled cheese. And the hash browns were so good! They were crispy, but yet not greasy at all. 

My cousin went with the ham and cheese omelet, which looked delicious!

I was really tempted to go with one of the sweeter dishes, but I knew I needed to get my fill of carbs and protein for a good start to the day.

On the way out we met the cutest little puppy!

Just look at that friendly face...

So we left The Park Cafe to go on our next adventure...skiing!

x Kate 

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