Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Painting and Wine (A Perfect Pairing)

For over a year I've wanted to drink wine while taking a painting class. Lucky for me a friend suggested that a group of us do just that.

We met up during the week and settled down for a painting lesson.

Now I love studying and looking at art, but I'm the first to admit that I am not an artist. Our teacher told us that we could make no mistakes with this painting...my response? "Challenge accepted."

Thankfully it started off pretty simple...

I started having serious doubts about my artistic skills, but as time went on I started becoming more relaxed and comfortable (ahh...so that's what the wine was for!).

The moment I started adding the stripes I started becoming really proud of my artwork. 

What was so amazing was that we were all taught by the same person, but after looking around the room it became apparent that everyone had their own style and inspiration. One of my friends was completely inspired by Pollack while another totally went along with the post-modern route. 

I would highly recommend trying to find one of these classes. They're affordable and so much fun with a group of friends. 

x Kate

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