Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good Eats at Umami Burger

My sister and I had been wanting to go to Umami Burger for ages. We finally took the opportunity to go in July when we saw Phantom of the Opera in Hollywood. 

You maybe asking: "Why wait this long to post about your visit?" I wish I could give you a good reason, but there just isn't one. I did think that even though it's been a couple of months, I should still share about the delicious food we ate. 

The Hollywood location is a few blocks South of the famous Hollywood Boulevard and tucked into a cute little spot with small boutiques surrounding it. 

After browsing the menu we quickly decided on our choices.

I choose the Cali burger while my sister choose the truffle burger (not pictured). We also decided to share the truffle fries.

About those truffle fries...just look at them! Perfection!

You're given some dipping sauces for your burger and sides. I would highly recommend the garlic aioli especially with the truffle fries. 

My sister was very excited for the dessert. There were Cool Haus ice cream sandwiches for dessert and we settled on the chocolate cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

We had a great time eating at Umami Burger. The waiting staff was very friendly and helpful.

If you're craving delicious burgers and a great dining experience then I would highly recommend going to Umami Burger. 

x Kate

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