Saturday, October 24, 2015

Atlanta: Mary Mac's Tearoom

My best friend lives in Atlanta, Georgia and I couldn't wait any longer to visit her. I went out for a couple days and I demanded good Southern food. 

Our first stop was at Mary Mac's Tea Room, which has been operating since 1945.

Make sure to mention if it's your first visit! You'll get a complimentary cup of Pot Likker (the juice from cooked collard greens)...and it's delicious!

I wanted to eat as much Southern food as I could during my trip. I decided on the chicken & dumplings, a baked potato, and macaroni & cheese. 

The chicken & dumplings was some of the best that I have ever had!

My friend got the fried green tomatoes, Hoppin' John, spiced apples, and cheese grits. 

Mary Mac's gave me the best beginning to such a fun weekend, and I will be telling everyone about it!

x Kate

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