Sunday, November 1, 2015

Atlanta: Taste of Atlanta

Our lunch for the day had been decided weeks beforehand when we purchased tickets for Taste of Atlanta.  

It was a really cool experience with some excellent food!

My friend's first purchase was for a pork taco, which I told was very good.

My first bit of food were these delicious lamb meatballs that were filled with flavor. 

The one stall I had to go to was Flip Burger, which is "Top Chef" Richard Blais' Atlanta restaurant. Richard is my all-time favorite "Top Chef" contestant so I was so excited to try his food. 

They were serving their Stack Burger, and while there was a little queue it was well worth the wait!

There was some local goodies to try (and I especially liked them because they were free!).

And Coca-Cola, a local delicacy, was there to give us all some refreshments.

It started to rain, and I became a bad blogger and stopped taking pictures of my food. Sorry!

Let me tell you though that everything was delicious, and even with the little sprinkle of rain I really enjoyed my time. 

I spent my final day in Atlanta with my friend and her family enjoying their wonderful company. I can't wait to go back again and eat more of that delicious Southern food.

x Kate

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